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What the circus has taught me and what it can teach your child

In the parents lounge you may have seen or even read the wonderful article written in 1931 entitled 'Taking the fall.' In summary, it goes on to explain the relationship we all have with GRAVITY and the importance of learning to fall. Learning to FALL is something that is taught, practiced and perfected from an [...]

What to avoid in your child’s sporting life

People often ask me at what age should a child specialise in a sport and I tell them no earlier than 12. For every Tiger Woods or Dimitri Bilozerchev who is a child prodigy and comes along and dominates a sport, there are millions of children washed up on the sidelines with injuries or burn [...]

New Circus Class

This year we have introduced a new Circus class on a Thursday night at 6pm. The first thing you notice when you look out the parents lounge window is the eye catching bright red aerial silk or Tissu as it is also commonly known. We had the silk installed over summer and it hangs 9m [...]

Master running classes

When children do organised sports like football, soccer, basketball or tennis, the running component of training is often only seen as a way of warming up the body and cooling it down. "Two laps of the oval to warm up phellas!" Unfortunately, they are not just missing out on an opportunity to teach correct running [...]