This age is key as their brains re-shape and they begin developing habits that they carry into high school and early adulthood. The program is not just about keeping teens active … it is also about mentoring them and teaching them healthy lifestyle habits and leadership skills.

By the time kids become teenagers, they have been in and out of multiple sports and they know what they like, so we give them the power to choose one aspect of our program and do it more intensively, such as trampolining, running, tumbling and much much more.

If your teens are becoming a handful … hand them to us!

If your child is entering those ‘delightful’ teenage years we have three options for you:

  1. The All Round Development Program (Pro Star).
  2. The Levels Program (Levels 7-10).
  3. The Sports Specific programs.

BEFORE BOOKING … if you are a new client, please call first to check that the class you are thinking of booking into is appropriate. For example you may be looking at the Thursday 9.30am Star Jumpers class for your 3.1 year old.  However, all the kids in that class are 4.11 … so in that case we would suggest other options that would be more suitable . This applies across ALL age categories.

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