This year we have introduced a new Circus class on a Thursday night at 6pm.

The first thing you notice when you look out the parents lounge window is the eye catching bright red aerial silk or Tissu as it is also commonly known.

We had the silk installed over summer and it hangs 9m off the ground.

On a Thursday night students will have the opportunity to play around on it and do intensive training.

Students will be taught to suspend themselves from the ground, to perform powerful skills and exciting drops requiring the courage of Gods.

We will also be incorporating more trapeze skills and teaching into these classes as well as juggling.

Caity will be running these classes and she truly loves working and teaching circus and it has been a part of her life since she was 4 years old.

Caity has a diploma in circus and teaches everything from partner balancing to hula hoops to devil sticks. Come along for a free trial.