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Kids in Motion was formed in 1997 by David Hannan to inspire and empower children of all ages by building their confidence through confident movement.

The program was developed to help fast track children’s learning in an adventurous way to build motor skills and confidence.

The aim was to take the traditional sport of gymnastics and totally transform it into a completely new program that not only incorporates other elements of fitness and ball sports but most importantly makes it accessible to children of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities.

For the first 15 years the program was run and fine tuned in backyards of houses all over Melbourne and at Wesley College’s gymnastics facility in Prahran. Over the next decade a new generation of kids were being inspired to get off the couch and get moving … and most importantly … love doing it.

In 2011 we set out to build a purpose built facility to home our unique program, the likes of which the community had never seen before. Unlike a tradition gymnastic center, our studio would be set up not for advanced skills and competition … but for invoking the spirit of adventure and the art of movement.

The success of the program is in expanding kid’s horizons and helping them find their Huckleberry Finn spirit of self discovery through adventure.

The program packs ADVENTUREENTHUSIASM and SELF CONFIDENCE together and teaches it with PASSION and EXUBERANCE … and the end result is that your child will develop a life long love of challenges and participation.

At Kids in Motion, we are not concerned with being the biggest studio or the business with the most franchises, we simply want to be the best at what we do!




Inspiring kids to believe in themselves and not shy from challenges but to step boldly into them and dream big.  We teach your child to never be discouraged! … The philosophy of our gym is …
“It is not what happens that is success or failure but what it does to the heart of a child. No child is defeated unless they are discouraged.” Bruce Lee

The emphasis on learning from your mistakes, having patience and clarity to problem-solving and developing resilience in every student is paramount to our success.


To do all that we can to improve the children, coaches and the business to be the most they can be. To be avid learners and constantly seek new and better ways in everything we do.


Striving for the highest quality in everything we do and aim for.

We commit to personalising our service.

We keep our classes small and personalised to maximise time and physical productivity for your child. Given the choice, we choose (every time) to maximise student learning and class productivity over filling our classes or studio to the hilt to maximise profit. Precision and Excellence in learning and teaching are at the core of what we do.  In order to achieve this, Care and Time is taken to not only practice the ‘Art of Teaching‘ but to also improve our skills as teachers, so that your children will ultimately benefit.

To see exactly what we do in both our KIDS and ADULTS program, check out our amazing videos … you won’t believe your eyes.

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