WHAT? … Can ADULTS join as well? … HELL YEAH!

You sure can adults … in fact the gym was built for Adults (just don’t tell the kids) and there are challenges in the gym the winner of the Ninja Warrior would have trouble doing.

Yes it all looks a little daunting and all mums and dads feel the same way before they start but adventure, strength and good times are what we specialise in.  So come take the challenge, step over the threshold and find something in yourself that has been laying dormant for years.  And this can all be done in a safe, happy and positive environment. 

If you are seeking the best workout you have had in years or you want to be as strong as a gymnast or you are simply looking for some FUN, thrills and excitement to spice up your weekly fitness sessions … look no further.

Adults classes are $20 per class.

Check out our cool video … then do something different … try a class …you won’t regret it!

Email us today at [email protected] or book online via our website.

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