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Top 4 factors

For every child that enters our studio I often have a number of thoughts  ... 1: I hope they have fun today (that's a given!) 2: I wonder what their future will hold? 3: I obsess about what we can do to ensure their success. I wonder in years to come ...will they be a [...]

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Two essential skills

THE TWO ESSENTIAL SKILLS YOUR CHILD MUST LEARN AND MASTER When it comes to enrolling children under 10 years of age in sports, we look at Swimming as a survival skill first and a sport second. As it should be! However ... Gymnastics is looked at a bit like ballet. That being, as an elite sport that is [...]

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True Value

WHAT ARE THE 5 KEY FACTORS YOU NEED TO CONSIDER WHEN DETERMINING THE TRUE VALUE OF ANY CHILDREN’S SPORTING PROGRAM 2020 was a rough year so you may be assessing what to sign up for in 2021. And what to cut back on. The trouble is, you may be missing something. And the thought of [...]

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