Email us your query at [email protected] or make a booking via our website.

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At Kids in Motion we offer an online booking system to make your life easier.

The system is a live booking system designed to allow you to book

  • term classes
  • holiday programs
  • make-up lessons

You can also cancel your kids out of classes they can’t attend and make payments.

Please note private lessons and trial classes need to be booked by our staff, so please email your request to [email protected] and we’ll do our best to meet your requests.

Below are a few tips to help you navigate the booking system and make your experience with us as enjoyable as your child’s.

  1. Creating a customer profile
  2. Booking tips
  3. Cancelling a class
  4. Booking a make-up lesson
  5. Updating your payment method



1. Creating a customer profile

All customers require a customer profile.  You can add multiple people to your profile, with a parent as the main contact point.

Visit our website, and click on BOOK NOW to get started.

If you have a profile enter your email address and password, otherwise create a customer profile by clicking on SIGN UP.

Be sure to add your children to your profile.  If you are not sure which class to book your child into, visit our Timetable page and view the class names and appropriate ages.

Please note that free trial classes and casual classes can not be booked via our online booking system, so please email us at [email protected] and we’ll assist.

2. Booking tips

To see who the coach will be, check the coach box under the “Choose Day & Time” heading.

Check the date and time of your child’s first session.  Be sure to have a valid payment method to secure your booking.  Bookings without payment will not be secured.

3. Cancelling a class

We understand that sometimes you need to cancel your child out of a class.  That is why we offer two (2) make-up lessons per child, per term.  Please note that make-up lessons need to be used in the same term as the class was missed.

To cancel a class, visit our website and click on BOOK NOW.  Click on BOOKINGS to see all upcoming bookings.  Click on “View Details” next to the date your child can not attend class.

Click on “unable to attend” button and confirm once details have been checked.

View upcoming bookings to show a list of classes including make-up lessons and cancelled classes.

4. Booking a make-up lesson

We love seeing kids come into the gym on different days and join classes with unfamiliar teachers.  It is part of their personal development and encourages them to step out of their comfort zone and take on new challenges.

Once you’ve cancelled a class the booking system automatically issues a make-up lesson voucher (limit 2 per term!).  Click on the box titled “Make Booking with Voucher”, and choose which person the booking is for and which class suits.

You will now be able to see the cancelled class and make-up lesson on upcoming bookings page.

5. Updating your payment method

Please be sure to check your payment method each time you make a purchase with Kids in Motion.  You can do this by clicking on BILLING and choosing the button “Manage Payment Methods”.   Here you can add a new credit card or bank account.  Please note we only accept VISA and Mastercard.