At Kids in Motion we understand the importance of entering primary school with a confident mind and body cannot be understated.

If a child’s gross motor skills are behind when they enter school, they will shy away from engaging in physical games and activities each lunchtime and they will fall further behind the pack. We prepare children in all facets of movement and physical intelligence … from ball skills to landings to swinging to rotating. But more than that, we give them the confidence to trust and move their bodies and make it fun so that their first experience with sport carries with them into their primary and high school adventures.

Children between 6-12 years of age begin to see and appreciate their level of skill in different areas.  This can have a massive impact on both their self-confidence and their outlook towards sport and fitness.  Children of this age can still be motivated by their imagination but they are also beginning to be motivated by new challenges and they are maturing in terms of their physical capabilities at different rates, so all this needs to be taken into account in developing their continued confidence and love of sport through the guidance of our caring coaches. KIDS IN MOTION do this better than anyone!

Authority, support and compassion are the keys!

We have two programs for this age group:

  1. The All Round Development Program (Swinging Monkeys, Dive Rollers, Super Saltos and Pro Stars).
  2. The Sports Specific Program.
  • Swinging Monkeys classes are for kids aged 5&6
  • Dive Rollers classes are for kids aged 7&8
  • Super Saltos classes are for kids aged 9&10
  • Pro Stars classes are for Kids aged 11&12

These classes are $35 per class.

Our Sports Specific classes are suitable for kids aged 8 and over.  These classes are $35 per class.

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