If you are looking for a program that will challenge and engage your young child … then nobody does it better.  We understand the importance that both strong leadership and off the wall- entertainment go hand in hand at this age and we are the masters of it.

The importance of entering primary school with a confident mind and body cannot be under-stated. If children’s gross motor skills are behind when they enter school, they will shy away from engaging in physical games and activities each lunchtime and they will fall further behind the pack. We prepare children in all facets of movement and physical intelligence … from ball skills to landings to swinging to rotating … But more than that, give them the confidence to trust and move their bodies and make it fun so that their first experience with sport carries with them into their primary and hight school adventures. We have three programs for this age group; The Playful tots, The All Round Development Program and the Levels Program. Clink on the link to find out more.