When children do organised sports like football, soccer, basketball or tennis, the running component of training is often only seen as a way of warming up the body and cooling it down.

“Two laps of the oval to warm up phellas!” Unfortunately, they are not just missing out on an opportunity to teach correct running technique to their little stars … they are allowing poor running habits to be ingrained through multiple repetition.

Learning to run CORRECTLY from a young age eliminates the risk of developing serious joint problems and long or short term muscle injuries.

It also eliminates the risk of carrying those poor habits into adulthood when the body becomes heavier and the stress on the body is multiplied.

We are lucky to have one of the fastest men in the country working at Kids in Motion. Carl Van Der Speck runs our Running Master workshops and he has the ability to analyse your child’s technique and improve the style, function, efficiency and speed of every child who comes to his class … we guarantee it!