Kids in Motion is the talk of the town because we not only teach with passion, but ultimately we run programs that kids LOVE!

Teaching gymnastic-based skills to children requires a complex set of knowledge and breakdown drills. The safest and easiest way for a school to include these foundation movement patterns into their sports curriculum is to outsource it. Therefore, we have great pleasure in introducing our Schools Program to you.

Taking the same trainers and spirit of adventure that has made the Kids in Motion program such a success, we now transfer these qualities into an innovative, movement-based program on your very own door step.

KIDS IN MOTION is offering up our trainers to come to you OR for you to come to our new state of the art facility. Our cutting edge program can support and work with your school and physical education curriculum.

The advantages are:

1: We can have the kids up and moving without leaving the school grounds.

2: The school does not need to find more funds to invest in new equipment.

3: We can teach all the kids to have a love for sport which will carry over for the school in other ways.

Truth is…it will be the highlight of the kids week!

The alternative is that we can also run programs for bus loads of kids at our very own studio during regular school hours. If you haven’t seen with your own eyes our KIDS IN MOTION facility by now, you must have heard great things about it! The studio has been designed to enhance a child’s ability to problem solve through movement, and in turn, diversify their skills in preparation for any sporting endeavor. We use trampolines, jumping pits, rock climbing walls, swinging rings, padded floor work and climbing ropes as just some of the many experiences at KIDS IN MOTION.

We would be happy to showcase our facility with some of your students to see if KIDS IN MOTION and the Sports Embrace School Program can work in partnership with your school.

Call us today on 03 9681 9407 or contact us online.

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