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“Our child has juvenile arthritis and prior to starting Kids in Motion, had impaired range of movement in their wrist – despite a lot of physio. Six months after joining Kids in Motion, they had regained full range of movement in their wrist…largely due to learning handstands and using the rings. Kids in Motion will remain an important part of both their play and rehabilitation into the future.  Kate”

Kate, November 2021

Kate, Kids in Motion 2021

“Hi Siobhan,
The zoom class was great! Josh engaged really well with you, I think that was down to your skills! It broke up our day nicely, we really appreciated thank you.
Hopefully lockdown will end this week and we can see you in real life soon!

Jennifer Trotman, June 2021

Jennifer Trotman, Vids in Motion 2021

“Spot on David, that is why we enrolled Siena in KIM since day 1, when you began in Port Melbourne and Siena is still loving it today!   A SAFE environment, that believes in every child and whose values are Empowerment, Empathy and Excellence.
Thank you for having the vision to create KIM, it has a big impact on Siena’s life.  Well actually 10 years of her life and as she is only 14 years,  that is a big chunk!
Always grateful

Kellie de Burgh, May 2021

Kellie de Burgh, Kids in Motion 2021

“My daughter and I have both been doing Kids in Motion for a few years now. We both LOVE it. The classes are thoughtfully designed to develop physical skills and confidence in the kids. Every single coach we have had has been skilled, super supportive & amazing at engaging the kids. My daughter’s skills have really developed and she has so much fun. An amazing array of activities in one place. It’s obvious how much the staff care about the kids. The adult classes are also great. You learn new skills, get fit and everyone is really friendly & supportive. It’s so much more fun than a regular gym. Recommend 100%.”

Fleur Dwyer, May 2021

Fleur Dwyer, Kids in Motion 2021

What to do with two energetic boys who are not naturally drawn to sport?  Kids in Motion has been our solution since it’s opening in Port Melbourne in 2012.  David and his exceptional trainers have are unfaltering in their dedication, encouragement and fun.  My kids are now more confident in their own skin and feel stronger because of it.  I would not hesitate recommending Kids in Motion because of it’s obvious benefits for health and wellbeing.

Mary Stephens, 2020

Mary Stephens, Kids in Motion 2020

“Just wanted to pass on a big thanks to Dave, Dom and all the team for the initiative of taking KIM outside! Jensen and Addison had a brilliant session with the wonderful Dom this afternoon. So good for them mentally and physically. They cannot wait until next week.

Stay safe and well.

Cheers Janine”

Janine Barrett, Kids OUT in Motion 2020

“Hi Team,

Thank you for an awesome session.

It’s not the same. But you still go above and beyond.

Such happy (and lucky!!) kids.

See you next week.


Kate de Bruyn, Kids OUT in Motion 2020

“Sam had an awesome session today. Thankyou!!”

Clare Rutledge, Kids OUT in Motion 2020

“Smiles all around!! Can you please pass on my thanks to all the team for thinking creatively as a business, delivering something unexpected, and providing us with a safe way to energise the kids during trying times.

We’ve been in lockdown as a family since the middle of March, so we are so incredibly grateful that we are able to tiptoe back out there in your trusted hands.

Thank you!


Susan Mann, Kids OUT in Motion Sessions 2020

“From a business point of view I think Kids in Motion works because it has a strong, knowledgeable leader who clearly drives the program (that attracts the parents and kids for the reasons above).

From a parents point of view, we can trust you and your staff when the kids are doing daring things, they are always safe. We enjoy the confidence it gave the kids.


Stephen Boykett, 2020

“At the beginning of this year I enrolled our youngest son Ruairi into Siobhan’s Playful Tots class. We’ve been coming to Kids in Motion for the past 5 years and this is the 3rd time I’ve had one of my kids in Siobhan’s Tot’s class, I think that alone speaks volumes.

I feel the Tot’s program teaches a great mix of gross motor skills and core strength, as well as social skills such as listening and taking turns, all of which are so important for the pre-school years. Siobhan is a natural with kids and makes the class fun for both kids and their parents. KIM is Ruairi’s favourite part of the week, he still asks every Friday morning when we’re going back!

Kind regards,


Jenny Bracken, 2020

“I love that the instructors are strict (firm but fair) and you have a strike system…teaches kids to listen and respect their teacher.



Tessa Kitchener, 2019

“Hi Brett,
Just a quick note to thank you and all the other coaches for teaching our boys. You not only teach them how to climb, jump and flip but you teach them self awareness and to take responsibility of their bodies.
Max and Harry tell me that they need to eat green food and green is best. Harry piped up this morning on the way to the holiday program that he needs to eat good food first, and then treats. Nearly ran off the road when I heard that one!!
Now I know our boys are not saints and no, they don’t always want to eat their vegetables but the thing is, they do. And the reason is that “Brett said we need to eat green vegetables.”
So thank you…
Can you talk up the humble carrot now please?

Kylie Peasley, 2017

“To Dave, Brett + everyone at Kids In Motion.
When Josh gave me the news yesterday, words could not describe how honoured and grateful I felt to be given the opportunity to represent Kids In Motion and have you guys sponsor me. I love and always have loved participating in the program and I’ve especially grown fond of being able to mentor the younger kids. Being out injured and watching my competitors succeed has fuelled an already lit fire in belly. I am very much a ‘believe and you will achieve’ type of person and 200% committed to achieving my goal of one day winning Olympic Gold for Australia.  Your generous offer to help me along my pathway is greatly cherished. I can get stickers made up to put on my board because I would love to promote KIM around the mountains, especially here in Australia. My parents can come in next Wednesday when I train to discuss further details with you.
Thank you very much again. I am so pleased to hear this news.
Have a great day,
Ethan Wilson, 17yo SBX racer”

Ethan Wilson, 2017

“Hi David & Jackie,
Just wanted to send a quick email to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for what was a fantastic party for Freddie’s 6th bday on Friday 3 March.  It was seriously the easiest party I have organised so thank you Jackie for your help.
David – thanks for also being there to keep it running as smooth as possible.  I know you captured some great pics on the day – any chance you could flick some through?
Please pass on my thanks to Carl and Caity who were both amazing.
I have a feeling those kids who came to Freddie’s party will also want their party at KIM this year!
Thanks again.

Tania Holmes, 2017

“Hi David, I know you will have heard this before, but I wanted to pass on our gratitude for the way you conduct classes at Kids in Motion. Joining the Wednesday night class has been one of Will’s greatest highlights ever. Your teacher’s have the perfect balance as a teacher- he engages beautifully with the kids and his instruction is outstanding.    My husband, Pete, took Will to Kids in Motion last week for the first time and he was super impressed. His comment was that he has never seen such a skilled teachers/coaches Will had wanted to come to Kids in Motion for a long time before we were able to get there and I’m so glad we did. It has been so fantastic for him physically and emotionally. The skills he is learning there will stand him in good stead for life.  You have set up a wonderful program and you should be so very proud of it.
See you next week!
Kate McCarthy”

Kate McCarthy, 2017

“Dear Dave & Brett,
I just wanted to send a quick email as we won’t be making our last class tomorrow due to an appointment, but please accept my thanks for the past term for Leo.  Yet again Brett’s absolute brilliance as a trainer (and all round decent bloke) was highlighted by my child’s sudden change from confident to clingy toward the end of term.  Brett’s patience never wavered (unlike my own) and he somehow managed to train the rest of the class while giving Leo that extra bit of attention, and for this I have been very grateful.
I am going to take next term off, despite not being completely confident it’s the right thing to do…  The battle to get him to class the last few weeks has become too difficult and I have some health issues, so figure it’s perhaps best to continue again in the new year when he has passed this clingy phase and is ready to ‘man-up’ and really enjoy gym again..for all our sakes!!
Thanks again for being a great organisation.
Best regards,
Nova Bacon”

Nova Bacon, 2017

“Hi David,
I’m returning to work full time in July, and unfortunately, I’m unable to find a way for Emily to continue her classes.
We’re a bit sad actually- your classes have developed Emily’s confidence, her gross motor skills and strength – all of which is being noted by her kindergarten teachers.
So a big thank you to you, and Emily’s teachers Josh and Siobhan.  Keep up the great work, we will miss Kids.
Kind regards
Andrea Cassell”

Andrea Cassell, 2017

“Hi Dave, I just wanted to let you know that Charlotte’s card arrived today. When she read it, her smile spread from ear to ear and her chest puffed up in pride.  All of my girls have the uptmost respect and admiration for you. That you took the time to send Charlotte such a beautifully worded card is so reflective of the exceptional teacher, mentor and human being that you are. It’s little wonder that they, (and Deyrick and I) feel as they do for you.  Thank you Dave for all that you do to support Charlotte, Mia and Giselle, words can’t express our appreciation. Warmest wishes, Lisa H”

Lisa Hinrichsen, 2017

“What an amazing place! Our son Bohdi participated in a morning with the Brainwave organisation. Bohdi has cerebral palsy and cannot walk. One of the staff members Brett made us feel so welcome from the get-go and made sure Bohdi participated in everything. Thank you to all the staff at Kids in Motion for helping our son have a go at things he’s never dreamed of!”

Nina Pilat, 2017

“Hi David … First of all thank you for all the great work that kids in motion does. It’s not an easy thing to describe the magic of teachers and whole place to someone who has not been and experience what you guys do. Over the year we went to couple of different places to find something closer and “better” but we keep coming back. You guys put benchmark pretty high. One other thing that I really like is that there is a lots of male teachers, such a rarity now days and so important (as mother of two boys). Keep up the great work!”

Nicky Rogers, 2016

“Thank you for all you do for the boys – you provide a wonderfully secure, well organised and fun filled environment for them every week. It has been a joy for me to watch them grow with your programme. It has been a huge anchor in both his physical and emotional growth.”

Judy, 2014

“David, You are really a leader in your field and you are just so Zen about it! I am so lucky that we found you- you are soooooo far and so more then just a kids gym class- so far the others would not even know how to catch up with you! Keep it up! (that’s from one educator to another)”

Claire Charenton, 2015

“Another great year at Kids in Motion – Josh has had such fun and has grown in confidence and ability this year through the levels program. Thanks to all the hard work that you and the team put in throughout the year – it truly is a very special and unique place.”

Allyson Osbourne, 2016

“To Scout (our favourite K9) … Thanks for your patience and your happy wagging tail when you greet us at Kids in Motion every Saturday”

Georgia and Ruben Elia , 2015