Welcome to Kids in Motion…

We help your child achieve control in times of doubt, by providing a supportive environment where we teach them to believe in themselves.

Let us give your child the confidence to be well prepared for whatever the future holds.

Your child will fit in

Your child will be safe

Your child will be supported

Your child will be challenged

Your child will love it

Kids in Motion Mission Statement

“To inspire kids of all ages to find a lifelong love of movement.”


“You not only teach them how to climb, jump and flip but you teach them self awareness and to take responsibility of their bodies.  Max and Harry tell me that they need to eat green food and green is best.  And the reason is that “Brett said we need to eat green vegetables.”

“Thank you for all you do for the boys – you provide a wonderfully secure, well-organised and fun-filled environment for them every week.”

“I love and always have loved participating in the program and I’ve especially grown fond of being able to mentor the younger kids.”

“First of all thank you for all the great work that kids in motion does.  Over the year we went to couple of different places to find something closer and “better” but we keep coming back. You guys put benchmark pretty high. Keep up the great work!”

“Just wanted to send a quick email to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for what was a fantastic party for Freddie’s 6th birthday.  I have a feeling those kids who came to Freddie’s party will also want their party at KIM this year!”

“Your teachers have the perfect balance – he engages beautifully with the kids and his instruction is outstanding.”

“What an amazing place! Our son Bohdi participated in a morning with the Brainwave organisation. Bohdi has cerebral palsy and cannot walk.”

“Smiles all around!! Can you please pass on my thanks to all the team for thinking creatively as a business, delivering something unexpected, and providing us with a safe way to energise the kids during trying times.  We’ve been in lockdown as a family since the middle of March, so we are so incredibly grateful that we are able to tiptoe back out there in your trusted hands.  Thank you!”

“Sam had an awesome session today. Thankyou!!”



Our Kids in Motion program is for children aged 2-13. With our all round development program and a levels program.

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Our teen program is more sports specific and includes our mentoring sponsorship program, the Airborne Academy.

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When you need to add a little colour, spice and adventure to your fitness and strength workouts … we have the program for you!

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Vids in Motion

VIDS in Motion is more than an interactive online movement program …

It is the SPARK that will ignite creativity, play and greater knowledge.

The best thing is you can use these videos for DIRECTION OR INSPIRATION …  your choice.

We are teaching mindfulness, problem solving and creativity through movement.

Keeping smiles on faces is just a bonus.

And it all comes with the focus on Excellence that you expect from Kids in Motion.

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Zoom in Motion

Zoom in Motion is an interactive live class and you can all do it from the comfort of your own home.

With brand new classes and experiences not offered in any of our other programs.

Zoom is not just movement … there is magic, music, story telling and role playing.

The new age of teaching has all your familiar faces in a condensed 30 minute format.

And it all comes with a focus on Excellence that you expect from Kids in Motion.

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Kids OUT in Motion

Kids OUT in Motion provides your child with the opportunity to soak up The 5 Essentials that ALL children need:

  1. Movement / fitness
  2. Challenges that stir the imagination
  3. One on One mentoring
  4. Fresh air
  5. Vitamin D

Smiles on faces is the added bonus.

Kids in Motion is going back to where it all began … personalised training in the park.

And it all comes with a focus on Excellence that you expect from Kids in Motion

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